Mitigating Circumstances

About this section

Mitigating Circumstances is the umbrella term used by the University to reference any individual circumstances which impact students’ ability to complete assessments.

The University has procedures in place to assess claims for mitigating circumstances and, at the parent School’s discretion, to take account of them when making decisions about assessment and/or award. The Mitigating Circumstances guidance is available in the Appendix.

The nature of mitigating circumstances means that the circumstances that arise, and their effect on students, are unpredictable. The information in this section explains the normal guidelines that apply, but they cannot cover every eventuality. If you are unsure about any aspect of the process, your parent School is able to provide further advice.

Absences Involving Assessed Work

It is important that you let the School know about illness or personal circumstances that are affecting your attendance or assessed work. If you are absent from a class involving assessed work, you must provide independent evidence of the illness or circumstances which caused you to be absent.

If you are absent from any assessment or fail to submit any coursework for a module, and you do not provide a reason/evidence to your School’s satisfaction, you will receive an “AB” code as the mark for that assessment. This translates to the lowest grade on the marking scale, “0”.


Circumstances which will have a short-term impact on your ability to complete coursework assessments (for example, minor illness) should be covered by an application for an extension to your coursework deadline of up to 14 days. It is an expectation that you will be able to resume your usual pattern of study after a relatively short period.

Where an extension has been granted, a penalty for late submission will not apply, providing that you meet the extended deadline and provide any required evidence.

If an extension is granted, an application for Additional Consideration (see Appendix) will not normally be considered for the same reason(s). This is because an extension already represents mitigation.

Applying for an Extension

You can apply for an extension to a coursework deadline by completing the online application form available the Leeds University Business School Taught Student guide webpages:

Leeds University Business School Extensions Form

Acceptable Reasons for Extension

Please see Mitigating Circumstances guidance in the Appendix for acceptable/unacceptable reasons for extensions and requirements for evidence.