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Section 7: Mitigating Circumstances

It is important that you let the School know about illness or personal circumstances that are affecting your attendance or assessed work.

7.1 Absences Involving Assessed Work

If you are absent from a class involving assessed work, you must provide independent evidence of the illness or circumstances which caused you to be absent.

If you are absent from any assessment or fail to submit any coursework for a module, and you do not provide a reason/evidence to your School’s satisfaction, you will receive an “AB” code as the mark for that assessment. This translates to the lowest grade on the marking scale, “0”.

7.2 Requesting consideration due to Mitigating Circumstances

Mitigating circumstances are defined by the University as normally exceptional, short term, unforeseen and unpreventable events that may have a significantly disruptive effect on your ability to take assessments. These events are over and above the course of everyday life, and normally outside of your control. They may affect your ability to complete coursework or other assessments, and revise for and attend examinations.

The University has procedures in place to assess claims for consideration and, at the parent School’s discretion, to take account of them when making decisions about assessment and/or Award. The Mitigating Circumstances Guidance is available on the Student Cases website page for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

For apprenticeship students (whose cases are often heard separately in order to comply with gateway requirements) the guidance can be found here