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Microsoft Office 365

Students using laptops

As a University of Leeds student you are provided with 5TB of cloud based OneDrive storage, the ability to download up to five copies of Office 365 applications on your device and access to web-based versions of Office 365 applications.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is Microsoft's suite of productivity applications. The University of Leeds' Student Advantage benefit allows you to download up to five copies of those applications (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) on your different mobile and desktop devices, and gives you 5TB of cloud based storage using OneDrive. Student Advantage also allows you to access the Office 365 toolset online through a web browser.

How do I sign-in?

Your University IT credentials are what you will use to sign-in to Office 365 and to authorise applications. Simply visit and select sign-in, when you enter your University of Leeds email address you will be redirected to our institutional sign-in page.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is part of the Student Advantage package. It is a Microsoft application that enables you to communicate and collaborate easily with students and staff online, through text-chat, video calls and collaborative documents. You can access Teams via a web browser at and download a desktop/mobile application.

What if I need help?

The IT Service Desk provide institutional support for Office 365 - if you have any problems you can contact them by telephone +44 113 34 333 33 or via email at


Useful links

We recommend right-clicking or long-pressing on the links below and opening them in a new tab to learn more about Office 365 at the University of Leeds.

IT Service webpages

The University of Leeds IT Service webpages explain how to download and authenticate Office 365 applications on your devices.

Microsoft Support Pages

Learn more about how to use Office 365 effectively on the Microsoft website.

E-Learning resources

View the IT Service Desk webpages to find learning resources to help you use Office 365.


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