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Studying in a digital age

Studying in a Digital Age

The following interactive learning materials will help you to familiarise yourself with digital tools at the University of Leeds

Introducing IT

In this lesson you’ll find out about the IT services that you can use at Leeds. It’s important to get to know these services early on in your course so that you can get working with confidence.

Becoming an effective independent learner

This lesson will help you understand what independent learning looks like at University and how you can learn effectively outside of lectures and tutorials.

Searching and researching

In this lesson you’ll find out how to use Library Search and Web of Science to find information for your studies.

Referencing and academic integrity

In this lesson you’ll find out what is meant by Academic Integrity, and why it is important.

Collaborating and communicating online

In this lesson you’ll find out about collaborating with others online and how to communicate effectively online.

Sharing and discussing your learning online

In this lesson you’ll find out about different tools and methods that you can use to share your learning online.

Managing your digital identity

In this lesson you’ll learn how you can manage your online identity so that it is appropriate for your professional life ahead.

Career development

In this lesson you'll discover what the Careers Centre offers and what you can do to start planning your career.