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Be bold. Be brave. Be You. (Free webinar)

Thursday 7 December 2023, 13:00 – 14:00 (1pm to 2pm)

What is the topic?

This free webinar will give you tips and confidence to understand how you can be your authentic self in the workplace, and how you can make this an advantage for your career. It can make the difference between truly thriving and simply surviving!

Fiona McDonnell will share stories from her many different leadership roles over the past 30 years. She will challenge you to think differently about how you view your career, your success, and why it is better for everybody when you are able to be yourself.

How do I join?

Sign up now using the link below. The session is free of charge and delivered online via Zoom.

Register here!


About the speaker

Fiona is an accomplished author, speaker and leader with over 30 years' experience across the consumer products industry and e-commerce marketplaces.

Author of Two Mirrors and a Cheetah: Think Differently, Own Your Career & Succeed by Being Yourself', Fiona knows what is required to achieve career success authentically. Fiona is an active mentor supporting female entrepreneurs.

Fiona holds a masters degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Cambridge University and she earned her MBA from INSEAD Business School in both France and Singapore.