Business School Partnership Awards 2020: winners and runners up

Huge congratulations to the winners and runners up of the Business School Partnership Awards 2020.  Following Government advice this year’s Partnership Awards Ceremony was cancelled, but your hard work does not go unrecognised. This year we had over 250 nominations across twelve categories which our panel of student and staff Faculty representatives had the difficult task of shortlisting.

Here are your 2020 winners and runners up:

  • School Rep of the Year
    Runner up: Rebecca McCaw
    Winner: Serena West

  • Course Rep of the Year
    Runner up: Aimee Francis
    Winners: Jason Wang and Quy Pham

  • Equality and Inclusion
    Runners up: (Group) Gary Slater, Katie McMillan, Becky Cooney and Daniel Norman
    Winner: Heather Ugarte

  • Global
    Runner up: Ellen Wang
    Winner: Frank Chen

  • Innovation
    Runner up: Nick Scott
    Winners: (Module Delivery Team) Cat Wilkinson, Sean Gledhill, Peter Hughes, Stefan Kesting, Juliane Scheffel, Anindita Chakrabarti, Cathy Dolan, Ali Raza, Bianca Orsi, Ujjwal Das, Emilio Carnevali, and Renjie Li

  • Inspirational Teaching
    Runners up: (Group) Juliane Scheffel, Sandra Lancheros Torres, Henry Duncanson and David Clark
    Winner: Tad Gwiazdowski

  • Mentor
    Runner up: Jennie Robinson
    Winner: Anna France

  • Personal Tutor
    Runners up: Jessica Johnson and Stephen King
    Winners: Tao Jiang

  • Positive Impact (Student)
    Runner up: Eva Andriani
    Winner: Ziran Yang

  • Positive Impact (Staff)
    Runner up: Rob Stevens
    Winners: Cathy Dolan, Elena Karali and Hayley Smith

  • Positive Impact (Group)
    Runners up: (MSc International Business Student Reps) Pranjal Kumar, Liuming Cheng, Amena Rehmanji and Deepika Bansal
    Winners: (Admissions Interns) James Tucker, Niall Cameron, Fiona Jones, Amy Bingham, Blake Smith-Tyler and Eleanor Stroud

  • Supervisor
    Runner up: Irena Grugulis
    Winner: Magnus Hultman

  • Postgraduate Researchers who Teach or Demonstrate
    Runners up: Emilio Carnevali and Cheryl Hurst
    Winner: Oluwaseun Olabode

  • Wellbeing
    Winner: Tom Woodruff
    Runners up: (Attendance team) Annemerel Herder, Richard McWhinnie and Hayley Harding

  • The Partnership Award
    Winner: Anna France

This year Anna France received the overall Partnership Award – this award is decided by the shortlisting panel and given to the person who has been deemed to have had an exceptional impact overall and someone who has been nominated broadly, or particularly active on a specific issue.  Anna had six very strong nominations across several categories praising her incredible hard work and dedication to the Nurturing Talent Mentor Scheme.

Our Faculty winners will go through to a final shortlisting stage for a chance to win their category at the University Partnership Awards.

Congratulations to everyone!