Results information for finalist students

We will publish the results that are available by midday on Wednesday 14th September

If you do not have all your results by this date we  will publish the remaining results, and your final degree classification (if applicable), as soon as possible.

Awarded an Honours Degree with classification

If you have achieved sufficient credits to receive an award with classification the School will return a an Honours Degree with classification.

Awarded an Ordinary Degree

If you  have achieved sufficient credits to be awarded an Ordinary degree, should you wish to accept the Ordinary degree, you must email, with a copy to (Rachael McConville-Darwin, the University’s Assessment & Progress Manager) by Friday, 8 July 2022, otherwise you will be deemed to be resitting for Honours.

You have the opportunity to resit failed modules at the next available opportunity (i.e. August 2022).

Delayed Award

You have not yet achieved sufficient credits to receive an Award and the School has returned a Delayed Award status to the University. This may be due to outstanding resits or first attempts you have.

Failed Award

You have not achieved sufficient credits to receive an Award and the School has returned a Fail status to the University.

Pending Finalist

You are still waiting for some marks and/or your award to be published.

What does 'V' attached to a mark mean?

A ‘V’ attached to a mark is a fail mark which indicates that a required element of assessment was failed (where a pass is required) or not submitted.

If you have failed modules support is available. Please read this information carefully and if you have questions or need support you can contact or book a meeting with a Student Support Officer to discuss this.