Equality and Inclusion Representatives

This year’s recruitment has been extremely competitive and successful candidates have all demonstrated their excellence, as well as a willingness to act on your behalf as the voice of the student body. The new Representatives have received online Equality and Inclusion training and will take on their posts immediately, and we look forward to working with them over the next academic year.

The role of Equality and Inclusion Representative

  • Promotes and supports Equality and Inclusion among the student community 
  • Communicates Equality and Inclusion policy and projects 
  • Is a key Equality and Inclusion contact for your cohort 
  • Identifies Equality and Inclusion priorities or concerns amongst students 
  • Attends and contributes to Equality and Inclusion and Athena Swan committee meetings 
  • Works with the Business School Academic Lead for Inclusive Practices.

Meet your Equality and Inclusion Representatives

Contact details for each of your Equality & Inclusion Reps can be found on your Minerva Organisation as follows:

Minerva Organisation link for UG students

Minerva Organisation link for PG students

Vilma Apaza

Programme: MA Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Relations

Because I really care about people, for me is very important to create an inclusive environment where everyone feel safe and can be themselves, without being discriminated or feeling left behind for their believes or origins. In my previous job in Peru, women were a minority, and I feel that I want to make a change and help women to live in an equal environment, so I was elected by general vote in the Committee for Intervention against Sexual Harassment 2020 – 2022, because I believe that everyone should have the same opportunities, be treated equally and so they can reach their potential and be whatever they want to be without being afraid.

This experience has helped me to challenge assumptions and confront situations that are no right and do not promote other people’s wellbeing, to be more courageous and empathetic, to have a questioning attitude and identify where changes are needed, to be a good listener and understand and value what makes people different, but most of all to fight for a better world and to realize that other people fight with me. And that’s what I can bring to the role.

Vilma Apaza

Xi Chen

Programme: MBA

I come from China, my Chinese name is Chen Xi. I belong to the group of sexual minority. My first name is Xi which means positive, bright and happy in Chinese. Like my name, I am a positive and optimistic person whatever I encounter. I‘d like to help others with my positive attitude. On the other hand, I have worked for decades in the customer services department of enterprises, such as Baidu, China Mobile etc. whilst accumulating kinds of skills, including communication with patience and empathy, flexibly and efficiently solving issues.

With my service consciousness, I have served thousands of customers and feel truly satisfied with my job.  Studying in Leeds is a new start for me, I resigned from my job to reengage in school. I prefer to acquire professional knowledge and make friends from the world to expand my horizon.   I look forward to becoming the Student Representative, I’ll try my best to make a bridge between the students and faculty to involve diverse cultures in our department.

Xi Chen

Inge Giesolf

Programme: PhD Management

Inclusivity and equality can only be achieved through giving everyone an equal opportunity regardless of background. I recognise that bias and discrimination has long existed in society and that this impacts employment and education opportunities. While this lack is apparent, I have seen that over time people (myself included!) have become more aware of this issue, and have seen a genuine commitment from the University to become more equal and inclusive, and I would love to be able to contribute to this change by being an Equality and inclusion representative.

I aim to focus on giving everyone a platform, and also to help people become aware of any unconscious bias they may hold and empower them to address these biases.

Nitant Gupta

Programme: BSc Economics & Finance

The majority of women in my home country have to leave their dream careers because of poor support systems, male dominance, and many other reasons that devastate me. Acknowledging this issue I decided to make a difference in the lives of those women who go through such circumstances and have no support systems to grow themselves. I formed an online business platform known as “Learn Business with Nitant” for such aspirant women. I held workshops with several women from different backgrounds every weekend to understand their current business problems and use my knowledge in economics and business to strategise solutions. I want to bring this inclusion of every individual getting the freedom to pursue their dreams in a safe environment.   Communication is the key to who I am as an individual.

I will be that individual with who students will feel free to ask questions, become involved, share their criticisms with and most importantly feel free to express themselves. Moreover, when I work with different people I don’t see race, gender, ethnic background or socio-economic statuses all I see are unique individuals. I will build a community where unity is our strongest weapon. With my time as the Equality and Inclusion Representative, I promise to turn this faith into reality.

Nitant Gupta

Alex Osz

Programme: BSc Economics

Moving countries as a child has really made me understand what it’s like to feel like an outsider and the incredible impact an accepting community can have on someone’s well-being. I was extremely fortunate that the people around me were very supportive and helped me adjust to living somewhere new. I want to become an Equality and Inclusion Rep to be able to offer the same support I got to the people in LUBS who need it. I strongly believe that diversity and inclusion makes organizations stronger.

The modern world requires unique solutions to problems, and this is best achieved when people from a diverse range of backgrounds collaborate. I want to focus on this and make every LUBS student feel like a member of a community. By doing this, I hope to help LUBS become an even more versatile and respected institution. When I was the finance and sales director for my Young Enterprise team at college, one of my main priorities was to better understand our customers as people. I feel that my organizational experience from this role will help me as Equality and Inclusion Rep and demonstrates my ability and drive. LUBS is an organization to be proud of and I hope to count on your vote to make it even greater.

Alex Osz

Faiqah Quyyam

Programme: MSc Senior Leadership

I am a very positive and approachable person and have built great working relationships with my peers. I have previous invaluable experience of being a successful Student Representative during my Undergraduate studies at University of Birmingham, representing both my course and the faculty.

Bringing underrepresented students into the discussions and policy making helps to bring in diverse views and ensures all nationalities and backgrounds are represented fairly.

Faiqah Quyyam

For details on student representative recruitment please contact: LUBSStudentEducation@leeds.ac.uk