Become a Postgraduate Course Representative

For the 2022/23 academic year we are looking for a number of Course Representatives for each programme.

Job Description


  • Make yourself known to the students on your course
  • Be the link between students & the Business School
  • Feedback information and meeting outcomes to your fellow students
  • Obtain opinions from your fellow students on current University issues
  • Attend training
  • Attend your Student Representative: Programme Director Meetings
  • Contribute to the Business School Faculty PG Student: Staff Forum (these happen twice a year and we would ask you to attend both)
  • Assist with the organisation of relevant events
  • Have regular contact with the Student Opportunities team and respond to all emails from LUBSStudentEducation – this is particularly important whilst we are still doing a lot of our work remotely


Representatives need to be approachable, organised, proactive, and willing to interact with and represent people from all nationalities and backgrounds. At the University we adhere to the Partnership agreement, in which we agree that academics and professional staff will work in partnership with students, showing respect at all times. The amount of time that Course Representatives dedicate to their role differs, however, we estimate that six hours per month for an academic year is appropriate.


  • Training session during the first few weeks of the academic year
  • Online training and a handbook from Leeds University Union
  • Ongoing support from both the LUBS Student Education Service and the LUU


  • Making a difference to fellow students in your year group and LUBS as a whole
  • Increased employability: through taking on different responsibilities
  • Communication skills: verbal communication, active listening skills and negotiation skills
  • Interpersonal skills: networking, negotiation, assertiveness and team working
  • Celebration and networking events

How to apply

Candidates who wish to apply are required to complete the attached Course Representative Application form and write a 200 word supporting statement that will be made available to students as part of the student voting system.

Deadline for applications: Monday 10 October 2022, 5.00pm

Complete this online Postgraduate Course Representative Application Form