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Code of Practice on Assessment

This section contains the Code of Practice on Assessment, or "the CoPA" for short. This important document contains all of the information a LUBS student needs to know about the rules and requirements for submitting work and how it is marked. You can also learn about how you will receive feedback on your work and how to get help if something goes wrong.

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1. Purpose

This section introduces the CoPA document and explains who the information is for.

You can also learn about any exceptions which may apply to students on certain courses, and who to contact if you need help with any of the information in the CoPA.

2. Module Assessment

This section explains how modules are assessed and the types of assessment used at the University of Leeds

You will also find information on assessment registration and timetables.

3. Coursework

This section has information on how to prepare and submit your coursework, as well as any penalties that may be applied to coursework that is submitted late or incorrectly.

You can also read advice about following academic integrity guidelines and avoiding academic misconduct.

4. Module Marking

This sections explains marking policy and practices.

This includes information about the ways modules are marked, the marking scales used and how marks are published.

5. Feedback to Students

This sections has information about the feedback you will receive, how it is provided and how you are expected to engage with it.

6. Programme Progression and Award

This sections explains how students progress through their degree, and how final degrees are classified.

You can also read information on graduation and the issuing of certificates and diploma supplements.

7. Mitigating Circumstances

This section explains how to inform the School if illness or personal circumstances are affecting your attendance or assessed work.

8. Resits

If you do not pass a module at the first attempt, it is normally possible to resit.

This section explains when this may apply to you and how the resit process works.

9. Appeals and Complaints

You have the right to appeal against a decision of the Assessment Board or Progression and Awards Board.

This sections explains the correct procedure and where to seek guidance.


In this section you can download assessment criteria documents.

It also lists the roles of internal and external service areas, staff and committees involved in assessment.