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On Campus Exams

Please take time to read the following guidance before you attend an exam being held on campus. Every year students are expelled from the University for cheating in exams, but this will not happen if you follow the rules.

Preparing for the Exam

  • Check your personal timetable on Minerva, in advance of the exam and find out when and where your exam will be held. Please be aware that if you have checked your timetable outside of the UK via the app, your device settings may have adjusted the times in the calendar and converted them to the local time. All LUBS morning exams begin at 9am and all LUBS afternoon exams begin at 2pm UK time.
  • Arrive in good time for the exam.
  • Remember your Student ID card, this must be placed on your desk.
  • Bring only that which is needed in the exam room, anything else and you will be told to leave the belongings in a designated area in the venue. (This could mean in a pile of belongings for up to 600 other students). If necessary use the lockers that are located around campus.

Exam venue rules

  • Mobile phones / Smart Watches must be placed in the plastic bag provided by the invigilators – switched off – and placed on your desk
  • No Blue Tooth devices
  • No talking to anyone other than an invigilator
  • Dictionaries are not permitted
  • No notes of any kind, including notes on skin
  • No pencil cases – see through or otherwise including plastic bags
  • No calculator covers
  • No labels on drinks bottles
  • Do not turn over the exam question paper until instructed to do so
  • Once in your seat you must not leave it. You should raise your hand and ask the invigilator first – do not just get up and walk around the room.
  • Listen to the Chief Invigilator’s instructions before the start of the examination. As part of this you are asked to check the front of the question paper to see that the module code and title are those that you are expecting to be taking. At this point DO NOT turn to question 1 and start reading as this is regarded as cheating and is not permitted.

During the Exam

  • Read through the whole paper carefully and follow the instructions laid out on the front of each exam paper.
  • Where you are told to answer each question in a separate script book please do so. If you fail to do this you will be putting yourself at a disadvantage as we have to photocopy each question into separate books for marking and this can mean your papers are poor quality.

More information is available on the Central University website

Please follow the rules and have a successful exam period!