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Submitting assignments

This page has been produced for written assignments, if you would like to know how to produce and submit a video assignment please visit the Submitting video assignments page on this website.

Six Steps to Successfully Submitting Assignments

Step 1. Manage Your Time

During assessment submission week it is likely that multiple modules taught across the University will have the same submission deadline. During busy times it may take longer than usual to load the necessary web pages and upload your documents. Please ensure that you give yourself enough time to navigate the correct submission area, upload, check and submit your work.

We strongly advise that you submit as early as possible.

Step 2. Coursework Coversheet

The first page of your assignment must always be the coversheet that is appropriate to your specific assignment. Please ensure that you double check your coversheet as there are different coversheets for different assignment types; including individual assignments, group work, video submission and dissertations.

Your  assignment brief will tell you which coversheet to use, and a link to download the coversheet can  be  found  in  the  Module  Information section  of your module on Minerva.

Step 3. Submission Title and File Name

Individual work assessment
When uploading to the submission area, you must ensure that the Submission Title and file name is your Student ID. No other submission title will be considered a correct submission.

Group work assessment
When uploading to the submission area, you must ensure that the Submission Title and file name is your Group Name or Group Number.

Step 4. Upload, Check and Confirm

Attach the correct file that you want to submit and click 'Upload'. Double check that this is the correct file in the resulting document viewer, and then click 'Confirm' to submit your work. Failure to click 'Confirm' will result in an unsuccessful submission.

Step 5. Check Your Submission

You should have been notified that your assignment has been submitted. Navigate back to the submission area and click 'View' to review your submission in the document viewer.

Step 6. Download Your Receipt

You have not finished until you see a Turnitin receipt and Paper ID on screen. From within the document viewer, click the download icon to download your digital receipt.

Save your receipt in a safe place. This will be the only accepted proof of submission.

Uploading Video Submissions

If you are having problems submitting

1. Check the size of your file

The upload limit on Turnitin is 40mb.  If your file is larger than this, it is usually because you have large image files embedded which need to be compressed see the guide on Compressing Files.


2. Check the file type

Turnitin UK accepts the following file types: Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, PostScript, PDF, HTML, RTF and plain text.

3. Check the file naming conventions

Please also see the filename guidelines for characters which should not be included in the name of your file.

4. Check the number of files

You can only submit one file per assignment. You need to make sure all your work is saved under the one file name before submission.

5. Check your choice of internet browser

In a small number of cases, corrupt caching settings within the Safari browser has caused the session to hang and submissions to fail. If this occurs then users should take the following steps:

  1. Go to the Safari Preferences > Privacy tab > Manage Website Data.
  2. Look for and remove the three cached websites below: (All three may not be present)
    - or
  3. Close and reopen Safari.
  4. Try submitting again.

Alternatively,  you can submit using Google Chrome (installed on the student desktop) or Mozilla Firefox.

If you are still having problem submitting, please contact the IT Helpdesk.

Penalties for Late Submission of Coursework

In order for your assessed coursework to be complete, work must be submitted before 12.00.00 noon on the deadline date. Failure to submit by this time will result in a late penalty being applied.

For every period of 24 hours or part thereof that your assessment is overdue, you will lose 5% of the total marks available for the assessment. This equates to 5 marks.

The deduction will be applied to the mark for the coursework component concerned before any conflation with other grades/marks to give the overall result for the module. If the coursework is not submitted by the end of 14 calendar days following the prescribed deadline, or if the deduction is larger than the mark you receive, a mark of zero will be returned for that component.