Submitting video assignments

As part of your assessment you may need to submit a pre-recorded presentation in the form of a video. This page is being updated to provide you with the latest guidance on how to submit your video to Gradescope.

Penalties for late submission

In order for your assessed coursework to be complete, work must be submitted before 12.00.00 noon on the deadline date. Failure to submit by this time will result in a late penalty being applied.

For every period of 24 hours or part thereof that your assessment is overdue, you will lose 5% of the total marks available for the assessment. This equates to 5 marks.

The deduction will be applied to the mark for the coursework component concerned before any conflation with other grades/marks to give the overall result for the module. If the coursework is not submitted by the end of 14 calendar days following the prescribed deadline, or if the deduction is larger than the mark you receive, a mark of zero will be returned for that component.



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