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Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

As a first year student at the Business School you have the opportunity to learn valuable skills from your fellow students, to compliment and assist with the work required by your degree programme. We call this "PASS" - Peer Assisted Study Sessions. This page explains what PASS involves, and how it can help you with key academic and general life skills. Keep scrolling to the bottom of the page to hear directly from PASS Student Leaders!

Digital art image of a student surrounded by competing demandsYou made it! Your University journey has begun and every day is filled with new experiences, meeting new people and learning new things. This is an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming.

As well as reading and digesting the content of your degree modules, there are many connected skills you need to develop such as time management, effective revision, correct referencing, and much more.

Luckily, you are not alone in this challenge. Those students who are now entering their second and third years of study were in your position not so long ago. Their knowledge and experience is a valuable resource, and PASS gives you the chance to benefit from it.

How do I join a PASS session?

PASS sessions are compulsory, and they will appear on your University timetable.

Semester one

The sessions start in teaching week 4 of semester 1. All have you have to do is arrive at the stated time and location, keen and ready to participate!

The sessions run every two weeks, so that means you will attend two sessions per month. Each session is delivered by trained second and final year students.

Semester two

Sessions are compulsory and run in weeks 4, 8 and 10.

What can PASS offer me?


The sessions are a perfect chance to ask questions and learn from the experience of students who have successfully completed one or more years of their degree.

Knowledge sharing

The PASS leader, and the other first year students in your session, will often be from across the different subjects taught at the Business School. This means you have a brilliant opportunity to gain insights from different disciplines, and to meet a more varied selection of your fellow students.

Essential skills

PASS can provide advice and guidance on the essential skills needed to support your academic success, including accurate referencing, revision techniques, and tips on delivering an engaging presentation.


The sessions are also a social event, and a chance to make new friends and network with other LUBS students. Even if you personally feel very confident already - great! Perhaps you can offer support and a friendly welcome to others who may need a little longer to settle into University life.

A word from our Leaders

Many of our students enjoy the PASS sessions so much that they are inspired to become Leaders themselves for future cohorts. Here are some words from Ishita and Daren, students who have found PASS to be an enriching experience both as a participant and session leader.