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The LUBS Employability and Opportunity Team

The Business School's dedicated Employability and Opportunity Team supports all students to develop the skills and experience that will boost your CV and make you stand out to top graduate employers. Think of us as a springboard to your future.


Whether you're thinking about a Year in Industry, a Study Abroad Year, looking for a part-time job while studying, or wondering what career might be right for you, we can help.

Scroll down to see what we can offer and watch a handy introduction video!



One-to-one appointments

We offer a range of appointments, both in-person and online, which you can book through MyCareer. New appointments are released at 12.00pm every weekday. Check the list below to find the right appointment type for you.

Information & Opportunities (LUBS) appointment

Book this appointment if you’d like to discuss:

  • Where to find careers information and resources.
  • How to look for work experience, internships, part-time jobs and volunteering opportunities.
  • General CV advice.

Finding Your Career Path appointment

Are you unsure where to start with your career planning and need some help finding your next step? Book a Finding Your Career Path appointment with one of our expert Careers Consultants. They can offer guidance and advice on topics including:
  • Considering your career options.
  • Identifying which sectors or employers might be a good fit for you.
  • Evaluating what your values and priorities are.
Things to do before you book:
  • To get the most out of your appointment, do some research beforehand. Our Researching Jobs and Sectors Pathway is a great place to start! You can also use to find out more about different sectors and specific roles. This will help you to focus your appointment on what is most important.

Planning Your Career Path appointment

If you know what you’d like to do but need help getting there, this appointment is the one for you. Our Careers Consultants can support you to:
  • Develop your understanding of your chosen path.
  • Identify potential strategies to reach your career goal.

Application Support appointment

Book this appointment if you’d like to discuss a specific job application; we can give you advice on your CV, cover letter or application form.

Things to do before you book:

  • Use the resources in our Applications and interviews page on the For Students site to get help with CVs, cover letters and applications.
  • Get instant feedback on your CV from CareerSet, our AI tool which scores your CV out of 100 and gives you personalised advice on how to improve it. We recommend you aim for a CV score of 70 before booking an appointment with one of our Careers Advisors.

Mock Interview appointment

If you have an interview coming up, practice with one of our experts in a safe environment. Please send us your application and job description in advance.

Things to do before you book:

Work Placement (LUBS) appointment

If you're a second year undergraduate student, use this appointment to help you:
  • Get support with your placement search.
  • Understand the work placement process.
Things to do before you book:

Study Abroad (LUBS) appointment

If you're a second year undergraduate student, use this appointment to discuss the process of Study Abroad. Please note that we cannot offer visa advice.

Things to do before you book:

Our New LUBS Careers Pop-ups!

This semester, we will be hosting a pop-up stall in the Maurice Keyworth foyer every Tuesday and Thursday. Stop by to find out what the Careers Service can offer and get your application and interview questions answered!

Click here to view the times and dates for our pop-ups.


We send out fortnightly undergraduate and postgraduate newsletters every Wednesdays during term time. These contain a summary of the latest events and opportunities for LUBS students to get involved in. You can find our undergraduate newsletter here and our postgraduate newsletter here.

Student Opportunities

We work closely with departmental and central teams to coordinate and promote opportunities to students. You can find more information about these opportunities here.


You can use our dedicated careers platform, MyCareer, to search for thousands of internships, placements and graduate vacancies along with hundreds of employer events and workshops. Use it to book appointments for CV checks, mock interviews and other careers support.

Contact us

You can contact us by email at Our online open hours are Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm (except for bank holidays and closure days). We welcome any and all feedback!

LUBS Induction Video

Watch a recording of the induction presentation we delivered to second-year LUBS students on 6th October 2023 (please note that the recording cut off a few minutes early).