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Microsoft Office Specialist Exams

Employers across the world value Microsoft Office Specialists. This certification will boost your CV as you look for placements or employment. As a LUBS student you can access an examination for free! Read on for details.

How will it benefit me?

Becoming an expert in a Microsoft Office program can help you to achieve both academic and professional success. The additional skills you will learn are proven to help boost productivity and the quality of assignments submitted as part of your course.

In addition, MOS certificates are highly sought after by employers, and provide official evidence of your skills and abilities. Having the certification on your CV will help you to stand out from others when applying for work placements or full time employment.

Learning resources

The training required for each exam is provided through LinkedIn Learning, which you have free access to as a University of Leeds student. To log in, use your normal Student IT account credentials. You can read further information about LinkedIn learning here

We recommend you read this student guide, which will help you to prepare to take a MOS exam and includes everything you need to know about each of the options.

How to book your exam

Please use the button below to access the MOS sign-up form. Please only book for one exam

Sign up here

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my exam?

You can cancel your exam through your booking confirmation email.

You can do this up to 2 days before the exam.

If you need to cancel your exam within the two days before the exam please email or with a reason explaining the need to cancel the exam

I haven’t used excel before, can I still take the excel exam?

Yes - the training materials on LinkedIn Learning cover everything you will need to prepare for your exam.

You can go over anything you don’t understand more than once with these materials and they also have practice exams and questions for you to complete.

Do I need to bring a laptop to my exam?

o - you will be using a computer in an IT cluster which has everything you need on it.

Do I need to do anything on my Certiport other than make an account?

No - once you have created your Certiport account with your university credentials you are set for the exam.

We will schedule the exam for you and when you arrive at your exam session, we will give you your access code.

I’ve lost my Student ID card, can I still come to the exam?

Yes - but please make sure you know your student number upon arrival.

LinkedIn Learning says I need to pay for the training videos?

Please make sure you are logging into LinkedIn Learning with your university details and not your personal details.