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Sustainability at LUBS

At the Business School we are committed to putting sustainability at the centre of everything we do. As students, your knowledge and energy is essential to our mission to find solutions to global challenges and make our School greener and more sustainable.

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What are LUBS doing?

Given the stark reality of climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental injustice, it is clear that Business Schools have a responsibility to take sustainability seriously. The new LUBS strategy positions this shift toward embedded sustainability as a core priority.

We report to various organisations that want to know how we’re addressing sustainability. For instance, in a report to The Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME), we made a commitment to embed sustainability (including environmental concerns) in all of our academic programs and to offer students opportunities to specialise in sustainability.

We are also actively promoting sustainability in our research, operations, and co-curricular activities. Notably, 600 students and 80 staff have already participated in carbon literacy training, including some who have received training to become trainers themselves, ensuring the scheme’s sustainability. Building on this success, we are now working toward embedding Climate Action Training.

What can you do?

  1. The perfect place to start would be to complete our brand new Climate Action Training
  2. You could also read about the fantastic work of our Student Sustainability Architects - and consider becoming one yourself!