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Student Representatives

Student Representatives are student leaders appointed by Leeds University Union or the Business School, who are empowered to make positive, student-led change within their School or course. They represent the views of their peers, and work alongside academic and Student Education Service staff to make the Leeds academic experience better for all current and future students.

Types of Representative

A student holding a megaphone beside a series of linked nodes

Here at LUBS there are Academic Representatives at the course and school level for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. In addition there are three School Representatives for Underrepresented Groups who provide voice for our International, Foundation and Plus Programme students.

Each of the different groups of Representatives have their own page on this website. Use the links in the side menu to read more information about the group you are interested in.

Please note: some rep positions are still being recruited to for 2023/24, and once these new reps are confirmed in post those sections will be available to view here.