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Taught Postgraduate Buddy Scheme

Studying for a postgraduate degree is time-intensive, and this can make it hard to find opportunities to meet new people and make friends during your time at University. The LUBS Postgraduate Buddy Scheme is designed to make things easier for our students. It can help you build new networks, friendships and connections with other students in the same situation as you.

What the scheme can offer

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The LUBS Postgraduate Buddy Scheme is managed through an easy to use online platform called Vygo. You can create your own custom profile which will then enable you to be matched with other students who share your interests and aims, helping to ensure your new friendships get off to the best possible start.

The Buddy Scheme is open to all Business School taught postgraduate students.

We recommend reading through all of the information below, to ensure you are aware of how the application process works, and what the scheme is not designed for - to make sure it is right for your situation and needs.

What the Scheme is not

The Buddy Scheme is intended to offer you the chance to make new friendships, social connections and the chance to meet others with similar interests and pastimes to your own. Applicants should be aware that there are other types of help which the scheme is not able to provide, although other services from across the University can certainly help with those issues that lie outside of the scope of the Buddy Scheme, such as:

  • A language exchange scheme

    The buddy scheme may offer some students opportunities to practice English, or another language, but that is not its main purpose.
    It is not possible for us to match everyone who is interested in practising a given language with a first-language speaker of that language. Join the scheme to make like-minded friends, and if you are also interested in practising a language, try visiting the Language Zone for assistance.

  • A study support scheme

    Participants in the scheme should not be seeking help with assignments, writing essays, interpreting feedback, or understanding course content from the buddies they are matched with. If you need help in these areas then we would recommend that you to speak to your Academic Personal Tutor in the first instance. For additional support you can also investigate what Skills@Library has to offer.

  • Wellbeing Support

    The pressures of studying a postgraduate degree can add to other stresses life may present to you. The University has a wealth of support options should you need counselling or other types of mental health support at any time - please don't hesitate to reach out to the LUBS Student Support Team for help in this area.

How to Apply to the LUBS PG Buddy Scheme

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Applications for the scheme are now open for 2023/24!

The Buddy Scheme is managed through Vygo. You can access the Vygo platform using your normal University of Leeds IT email and password.

You can register by visiting the Vygo site now, or you can watch this video on how to get started:

Join Vygo now
Download PDF guide to Vygo (pdf), File Download

Once you have registered on Vygo, you select your own buddy based on similar interests and by viewing their Vygo profile.

You can connect simply by sending chat messages on Vygo, or you can book in one on one virtual or in-person meet-ups, all easily and within the safety of the platform. Should you ever encounter any behaviour you consider to be inappropriate, please use the report button to make an admin aware of the issue.

You can reach out to multiple buddies and ask any questions you have in the Group Chat. There may also be events advertised on Vygo where you can meet other students in a group setting.

It is a great way to meet other students, interact and develop friendships

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Please read through the terms and conditions of the scheme before applying.

If you have any questions or problems during the application process, or during your use of the scheme, please contact LUBS Student Success Officer Sam Gent