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What is PebblePad?

PebblePad is a versatile portfolio and personal learning platform which facilitates the development and showcasing of essential skills. With tools for planning, recording, and reflecting on your diverse learning experiences, it enables the creation of a comprehensive portfolio.

What can I use PebblePad for?

The portfolio of evidence which PebblePad enables you to create can be strategically utilised in various contexts, including job applications and professional portfolios, offering a holistic representation of your learning journey at the University and beyond, including ongoing CPD.

The key to using PebblePad well is to regularly create records of learning and experience, from all contexts of your life, so that you build up a rich store of evidence to create a well-developed portfolio.

How do I access PebblePad?

  1. Go to
  2. Select University of Leeds account
  3. Click Login to PebblePad
  4. If you are not already logged into a University system elsewhere, you may be asked to log-in with your University IT username and password
  5. You will then be logged in and taken to your PebblePad dashboard

How do I make the most of PebblePad?

Visit the Digital Education Systems PebblePad Student Guides for advice on the various ways you can use and maximise PebblePad for university life.

Where do I go for help and support?

Find out more about specific PebblePad functionality from their own support pages and see the full list of PebblePad How To Guides produced by IT.


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