What is PebblePad?

PebblePad is a portfolio and personal learning platform. It is designed to help learners, wherever they are learning (at study, work, or play), develop, shape, and share their unique skills and attributes for success in today’s world.

PebblePad includes a range of tools to help you plan, record, reflect on, and evidence your learning, and bring your learning journey stories together in powerful, interactive presentations.

What can I use PebblePad for?

PebblePad can be used to build a portfolio of evidence for your learning journey at University and beyond, and then allowing you to share these portfolios with prospective employers and other external persons.

The key to using PebblePad well is to regularly create records of learning and experience, from all contexts of your life, so that you build up a rich store of evidence. This evidence can then be used to support your claims in things like job applications, applications for promotion, professional portfolios, applications for registration, and reporting of ongoing CPD.

How do I access PebblePad?

To access PebblePad

  1. Go to
  2. Select I have an IT account at this organisation
  3. Click Login to PebblePad
  4. If you are not already logged into a University system elsewhere, you may be asked to log-in with your University IT username and password
  5. You will then be logged in and taken to your PebblePad dashboard

Useful Links

We recommend right-clicking or long-pressing on the links below and opening them in a new tab to learn more about PebblePad.

Visit the link to log in using your University username and password.
Find out more about specific functionality in PebblePad from their support pages
Get the answer to the questions you never knew you had and learn how to become a PebblePad master.


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