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Cartoon image of a Vevox poll with a mobile device and a presenter, depicting the uses and benefits of the Vevox application.

What is Vevox?
Vevox is an application used at the University of Leeds that allows teaching staff to run online polls, quizzes and surveys to enhance your learning through these engaging features. You may be asked to participate in these activities either in class or online via your laptop or mobile device.

How do I join a Vevox session?
If you are being asked to join a live Vevox session during a lecture or seminar, then your teaching staff will present a screen that displays a custom QR code to scan with your mobile device and a session ID which, alternatively, you can enter into the website at You may be invited to complete a Vevox survey which doesn't have to be a live interaction and can be completed after the session, or during a session but at your own pace.

Please see the Digital Education Systems Vevox Participant Guide for more details on how to join a Vevox session.

Is there an app?
Yes, search for Vevox in the Google Play store or Apple App Store to download the app to your tablet or smart phone for in-class quizzes and polls.

What if I need help?
Check the Vevox Guides for Staff and Students for further support.