What is Padlet?

Padlet is a tool you can use to create digital pinboards independently and collaboratively. It allows you to make a variety of digital resources in different ways – a bulletin board or blog for example – and share them easily with other students.

What can I use Padlet for?

Padlet allows you to create ‘Padlets’ which are collections of digitally curated content, and then share them with others.  You can add text, images, video, audio, and attached files to a ‘Padlet’, and then share it with others for them to collaborate on or simply to view. 

You may also be invited to join or view Padlets by staff, either as a way of sharing collected resources, or as a collaborative task. 

You can find lots of information and guidance on the Digital Education Systems help website.

How do I get a Padlet account?

As a University of Leeds student your Padlet account is already linked to your University IT log-in details.

Simply navigate to, select Log in with Microsoft and proceed to sign-in securely using your University IT details. Only by logging in with your University email address will you receive the full features of the University Padlet account.

What if I have problems?

If you have any issues logging into Padlet with your University account, please consult this comprehensive guide on the IT helpdesk pages. 

Useful Links

We recommend right-clicking or long-pressing on the links below and opening them in a new tab to learn more about Padlet.

Visit the link to log in using your University username and password.
Read a wealth of information from the University of Leeds IT Service about Padlet.
Take a tour of Padlet...on a Padlet board!
Get the answer to the questions you never knew you had and learn how to become a Padlet master.


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