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Section 9: Appeals and Complaints

9.1 Appeals

You have the right to appeal against a final decision of the Assessment Board or Progression and Awards Board. The deadline for receipt of your appeal is 20 working days from the date of the publication of the decision against which you wish to appeal. Before entering the formal appeals process you should attempt to resolve the issue within the School. You should raise your concerns with the Head of School.

Guidance on the formal appeals procedure is available on the Student Cases website page.

9.2 Complaints

The University is committed to listening and being responsive to student views and needs and it is recognised that sometimes the University may get things wrong. You therefore have the right to lodge a complaint against a School, Service or individual in the University if you feel that your legitimate expectations are not being met.

Complaints should initially be raised as near as possible to the point at which the problem occurred - in the School or University Service - and should normally be pursued informally in the first instance. However, there may be times when you do not feel able to make a complaint locally, or when you are dissatisfied with the response or proposed remedy.
If this happens you can make a formal complaint using the Student Complaints Procedure.

You can seek further guidance on making an appeal or a complaint from Leeds University Union (LUU) Student Advice using the self-help LUU Help and Support website pages or by contacting LUU Help and Support by email.