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Expected behaviours when working in a group

Set clear expectations at the beginning

Spend some time in the first meeting agreeing targets and ground rules. For example, regularity and method of meeting and communication.

Ensure there is a shared understanding of the assignment, working out a rough timeline and deciding how tasks will be distributed to work to the strengths of each individual.

Each of the group members should be aware of the behavioural expectations of working in a group and agree that they will adhere to these:


Respect every individual within the group. Allow everyone to voice their opinions or ideas, without interrupting or talking over each other. Be honest but considerate. Please bear in mind The Leeds Partnership


Cooperate with other group members. Be open to opposing ideas. Take a democratic approach to disagreements.


Work should be distributed evenly, working to the strengths of the individual. Do not dominate or allow others to dominate.

Meeting environment

Make sure communication is clear, taking into account language barriers and other needs. Do not be unnecessarily critical of a team member and avoid negativity. Ensure everyone feels ‘listened to’. Create a supportive environment that allows and encourages everyone to be comfortable expressing their ideas.

Time management

Attend all group meetings and arrive promptly to the meetings. Ensure meetings stick to their purpose/agenda. Ensure work is completed ahead of meetings to promote effective meetings.

If you are experiencing any problems in your group, and finding it difficult to resolve issues – it is important that you get in contact with your module leader as soon as possible.

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