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Student Education Mission

To enable individuals to develop their academic potential, their employability, their global and cultural insight and their ethical awareness to enhance their potential to benefit business and society.

Research Based Learning

We enable our students to develop their full academic potential through research-based learning, to articulate the benefits of their research-based experience and to describe the skills they have acquired and demonstrated. All our programmes actively develop students’ independent research skills and provide students with opportunities to put these skills into practice such that at the culmination of the programme, students are able to undertake, with supervision, an autonomous piece of research work. The School’s strengths in innovative, challenging and impactful research underpin all our programmes and the latest research in our disciplines, including that produced by our own staff, contributes to the curriculum.


Leeds University Business School provides a range of curricular and co-curricular opportunities for our students to develop the attributes that will make them sought after in the graduate job market.  We work with each student on an individual basis, through personal tutorials, specialist modules, expert guidance and provision of personal, academic and professional development opportunities to encourage them to become a lifelong learner who is effective in a work environment.  We help our students to become aware of the skills and attributes they need to be employable, to be able to articulate and evidence these and to be ready to compete for opportunities and be successful in the workplace.

Global and Cultural Insight

All our students will engage with multiple perspectives and as a result our graduates should be equipped to acknowledge and appreciate the implications of diversity; to reflect on the value of having multiple perspectives; to engage with international issues; and to be effective in a range of contexts.

Ethical Awareness

All of our programmes provide opportunities to engage with the ethical issues of the discipline and demonstrate how, more generally, to behave responsibly and professionally. As a result all of our graduates should be ethically aware, self-aware, reflective and critical, and considered and informed decision makers. The Business School is a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Management Education initiative.