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Team & Me - Welcome Competition

'Team & Me' is an exciting new 2023 initiative for our new LUBS undergraduate and postgraduate students. It's a chance to work in diverse teams to show us your creative abilities, win prizes and make a positive contribution to student life right from the start! Read on to find out how you can get involved, and join us for the upcoming launch event.

Launch Event Recap

If you weren't able to join us for the Team & Me launch event, or would like to review the information that was shared you can download a copy of the presentation slides below, as well as watch a recording of the session:

Team & Me - Launch Presentation (pptx), File Download

What's involved - At a glance

Team and Me involves students forming teams to come up with fresh and innovative ideas to make a positive impact on student life. You'll be required to produce a compelling video or narrated presentation to showcase your ideas. If you can put some of them into action, that's great, but you can also submit aspirational plans for realistic changes and new ideas that could be implemented.

Have a thorough read through of the information below to have all your questions answered. If you need further information, why not come along to the launch event and meet us in person? You can also send any further questions to the LUBS Employability and Opportunity team at

All your questions answered!

Click on each of the headings below to find out detailed information about the competition, its requirements and timeline.

What is Team & Me?

Team and Me is a competition which will run for the first time this year. All 1st Year Undergraduates and new Postgraduate students are invited to enter. The competition aims to achieve the following key objectives:

  • to facilitate community and a sense of belonging among our diverse cohorts.
  • to enhance the development of students’ cultural awareness and cultural intelligence.
  • to identify future initiatives to improve student life at Leeds.
  • to provide unique opportunities for participants and winners to enhance their networks and employability opportunities.

Students will enter the competition in a voluntarily formed teams of 4-6 persons*. Each team should strive to include members from a variety of national and geographical background

*Students who wish to be involved but have not yet formed a team can ask to be added to a team using the form below.

What do the teams need to do?

The task for participating teams is to:

‘Demonstrate how your team plans to make a positive impact on student life at University of Leeds’.

Participating teams can demonstrate the positive impact either in the format of video (no longer than 5 minutes) or narrated PowerPoints (no more than 10 slides). 

Each participating team must email the above video or PowerPoint slides to LUBS Employability & Opportunity Team at before the deadline below.

Depending on the idea, the teams may have actioned some/all of their ideas or it may be their plan of what can be done in the future depending on the scope of the project. Marks will be given for achievable/realistic outcomes regardless of whether the plan has been actioned.

'Student Life' covers their daily experiences in academic learning, personal and professional development. Therefore the positive impacts can be anything positive or improvements on their learning, personal and professional growth.


How will the entries be assessed?

Entries will be assessed against the following criteria. 1oo points are avaialble in total:

Team Formation (25 Points):

  • Diversity and inclusivity of the team 
  • Team members’ role/contribution to the task 
  • Collaboration between team members 

Structure & Content (25 P0ints): 

  • Clarity of material organisation  
  • Persuasive information and evidence  
  • Critical, analytical approach throughout  
  • Engaging content  
  • Originality of idea   

Visual effects (25 Points):

  • Effective use of graphics 
  • Visibility/accessibility  
  • Creative design 

Impacts  (25 Points):

  • Potential benefits to student life at UoL 
  • Feasibility of implementation 
  • Wider impacts beyond the university 

When and where is the launch event?

The launch event is on Friday 29th September at 12pm in Conference Auditorium 2.

How to get to Conference Auditorium 2:

You can check the campus map here: University of Leeds | Campus Map

Conference Auditorium 2 is located behind the Edge sports facility. Follow the building round the back of the edge and you will see the Auditorium at the end of the car park.

How can you enter the competition?

You don't need to have attended the launch event in order to enter the competition.

If you have a team of 4-6 people already formed and you wish to enter you do so by emailing the following to

  • Team Name
  • Main contact for the team (Name, Student Number, Course, Nationality, Student Email Address)
  • Details of the other team members (Name, Student Number, Course, Nationality, Student Email Address)

Please only use your Leeds University Student Email Address - Personal email addressed cannot be used.

If you would like us to help you create a team, fill in this form and we will match you with other students who also want to join the competition.

What are the timescales?

Launch - 29th September 2023

Deadline to submit a request to be added to a team - Friday 6th October 

Deadline to submit a Team Entry - Friday 6th October 

Competition Submissions to be received by - Sunday 19th November

Judging - 13th November - 24th November

Winner announced - After 24th November

What are the prizes?

The exact split of the prizes will be determined once all the entries have been confirmed however they will include:

  1. A team lunch with the Dean (or Pro Dean) of the Business School
  2. An exclusive speed networking event with the management team at ASDA. This will take place at ASDA Headquarters and will include a tour of the ASDA Merchandising Suite. ASDA is one of the largest supermarkets in the UK (
  3. Great Food at Leeds vouchers.

All participants will receive a Certificate from the Dean or Pro-Dean.

Finalists will have their profiles shared on the LUBS Student Guide and other channels.

What support is available?

  1. All participants can reach out for support at any time by emailing or to Tao Jiang directly
  2. Group work advice from Skills@Library: 
  3. Suggested books/articles about intercultural interaction/cultural intelligence so participants understand the key aspects of working in multicultural teams: Earley, & Ang, S. (2003). Cultural intelligence : individual interactions across cultures. Stanford University Press;  Ang, Van Dyne, L., Koh, C., Ng, K. Y., Templer, K. J., Tay, C., & Chandrasekar, N. A. (2007). Cultural Intelligence: Its Measurement and Effects on Cultural Judgment and Decision Making, Cultural Adaptation and Task Performance. Management and Organization Review, 3(3), 335–371
  4. Study/team discussion space:; and more group/team work friendly spaces in Helix building (to be officially open on Sep.28th to staff and students)