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Study Abroad

A Study Abroad year is a unique opportunity to explore a new country and build a global network. It's also a way of showing potential employers that you are culturally aware and willing to step out of your comfort zone.

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Where can I go?

The University has partnerships with more than 300 universities worldwide. Students from all schools that offer an opportunity to study abroad can apply for a place at an open-exchange partner. Most of these universities teach across a wide range of subject areas, but not all offer courses that match Leeds degrees.

The Business School also has its own departmental exchanges that are open only to students studying in LUBS (on both single and joint honours degrees). These institutions have been chosen because they are particularly strong in business. Our exchange partners include Bocconi University (Italy), Copenhagen Business School (Denmark) and Toronto Metropolitan University (Canada).

LUBS-specific exchanges may be less competitive than open exchanges. This is because you will usually only be competing against other LUBS students. These institutions also offer specialised education in business and the opportunity to study modules that you wouldn't be able to take at Leeds.

To view a complete list of the Business School's exchange partners, visit our 'Where can I go?' page and select 'Business'.

How do I apply?

A detailed explanation of the application process and all the tools you need to apply can be found on the ‘Apply to Study Abroad’ page of the Global Opportunities SharePoint Site. This site also contains:

  • Eligibility information
  • Cohort Ranking data
  • The Popularity Index
  • Important things to research before applying.

Applications for the 2024/25 Study Abroad programme have now closed. In the meantime you can watch a recording of the LUBS Study Abroad Information session we delivered to second-year students on 19th October 2023:

Contact us

You can contact the LUBS Study Abroad Team by email at Our online open hours are Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm (except for bank holidays and closure days).