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If you're an undergraduate student, this page is for you!

Choose from one of the options below to find out more about support and opportunities available to undergraduates at LUBS, such as a Study Abroad year, a Year in Industry or the Nurturing Talent Mentoring Scheme.

Careers and Employability

Click here to find out more about careers and employability support at the Business School.

Study Abroad

Click here if you're thinking about applying for a Study Abroad year or are already on one and want to check academic requirements. You can also learn more about summer schools in this section.

Incoming Study Abroad students

If you're an incoming exchange student, click here to find out more about module selection and adjusting to life in the UK.

Year in Industry

Click here to learn all about the Year in Industry.

Nurturing Talent Mentoring Scheme

Click here to read about the Business School's Nurturing Talent Mentoring Scheme and how you can get involved.