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Masters Beyond Borders

Masters Beyond Borders (MBB) is an exclusive single semester study abroad opportunity for students on the International Business MSc programme. If you're accepted onto the scheme, you'll graduate with the degree title MSc International Business (Study Abroad).

Where do I start?

Make sure you've completed all of the steps below before applying for MBB.

Step 1: Watch our MBB Information Session

Watch a recording of the Masters Beyond Borders information session we delivered on 8th November 2023:

Step 2: Research potential destinations

It's important that you fully research your options before applying. The Host University Catalogue on the Global Opportunities SharePoint Site contains a factsheet for every partner institution, as well as immigration and visa information, and feedback from former students. Students will usually provide their contact details in their forms, so it's easy to get in touch with them.

Step 3: Research associated costs

As part of your MBB application, you will be asked to complete a budgeting plan for the most expensive destination on your list of preferences. We recommend visiting the following resources to help you compare the costs of your different options:

  • Use Numbeo to compare the cost of living in different cities worldwide.
  • Read the 'Study Abroad financial considerations' page on our For Students site. Please note that the 'Tuition fees and student finance' section is only relevant for undergraduates. During your semester abroad you will not pay any tuition fees to your host institution and will pay only a reduced fee of £3000 to the University of Leeds. Recipients of the MBB Scholarship will pay a further reduced tuition fee of £1500.
  • The Host University Catalogue on the Global Opportunities SharePoint Site also contains details of living and leisure costs for each partner.

As your MBB semester abroad is part of your degree, you will automatically be covered by the University of Leeds travel insurance policy at no cost. However, for some countries and universities you must purchase a local health insurance policy on top of your University of Leeds insurance, plus any top-up cover you may choose to buy. This page gives you an idea of insurance costs in countries that the Global Opportunities Team know to operate compulsory insurance policies.

Finally, in order to study abroad legally you will need to apply for and obtain the relevant student visa or residence permit for your host country. However, if you hold an EU passport and wish to study in the EU, or if you hold a passport for the country you will study abroad in, you may be exempt from this requirement.

The majority of countries expect you to show evidence of your financial support at the point of applying for the student visa, which can be anytime between May and September. However, for some partners you will be asked to provide evidence of financial support at the point of formal application to the host university between January and March. If you are selected to study abroad at any of these destinations you should be aware that you cannot usually use your student loan as evidence of funds as you cannot usually apply to Student Finance early enough to receive your loan statement in time for the host institution’s application period. This does not mean that you can't use your student loan to pay for your semester abroad; it just means that you can't use it as evidence that you can afford your semester abroad.

More information about applying for your visa can be found here. (Please note that this page is only relevant for UK nationals. If you are an international student you should do your own research to determine what evidence you need to provide when you apply for your student visa.)

Contact us

You can contact the LUBS Study Abroad Team by email at Our online open hours are Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm (except for bank holidays and closure days).