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LUBS Partnership Awards 2024 - the winners!


The letters L U BS is glowing light up bulbs on stage at the event

On the evening of Wednesday 24 April the wait was finally over - it was time to find out which of our wonderful students and members of staff would be crowned the winners of this year's LUBS Partnership Awards!

The awards are an annual event which cover thirteen public vote categories, plus the coveted "Overall Partnership Award", which is selected by the judging panel.

Over a hundred nominees; staff, students and their guests, gathered in their best attire to celebrate the most dedicated and inspirational members of our community. The evening began in a cordial  but professional manner with beautifully laid out tables adorned with a variety of canapés - but would the sense of decorum last?

various vegetarian nibbles laid out on a table

Once everyone was seated the Executive Dean of Leeds University Business School, Julia Bennell, opened the proceedings before handing over in turn for awards presented by colleagues Cathy myles (Pro Dean for Student Education), Muhammad Faisal Ahammad (Head of the International Business) and Louise Thornhill (Student Education Service Delivery Manager).

We were delighted this year to introduce a new feature - with two awards being presented by former multiple Partnership Award winner Safa Kadir (2023 student winner of the Positive Contribution to Student Experience, Student Academic Rep of the Year and Overall Partnership Award). Of the experience Safa said:

The LUBS Partnership Awards are an incredible expression of prestige, diversity and achievement. To be in attendance twice has been unforgettable and truly moments that I have cherished. Being The First Student Presenter of the awards is an honour that I am proud to have and will forever be in my Top 5 Moments at Leeds!

Safa Kadir, final-year BA Human Resource Management

The first student winner of the night was in the category of "Equality and Inclusion", which went to president of the Women in Leadership Society, Tanvi Jetti.

Tanvi jumping for joy whilst holding her winners certificate

Tanvi, celebrating her well deserved victory! Tanvi was recognised for her work to provide empowering and inclusive opportunities for students


The whole event was such a delight and will be a night I will always cherish. Definitely one of the highlights of my time at Leeds!

Tanvi Jetti, BSc Economics and Finance finalist

Unfortunately, the next victorious student was unable to attend the event, but even in his absence the room loudly celebrated the achievements of Devesh Saboo, who was declared the winner of the Contribution to Student Experience award for his incredible work in creating networks and connections between LUBS students past and present.

I was very happy to hear that I was selected for the award, it is a dream come true!

Devesh Saboo, MSc International Business

Safa later took the stage to announce the student winners and nominees who were highly commended in the categories of Student Academic Rep of the Year, and Student of the Year:

Jessica accepting the Highly commended award for Rep of the year

Jessica Roberts (BA Business Management) - Highly Commended for "Rep of the Year" thanks to her incredible work providing providing student voice for under-represented groups

Hamzeh accepting his award for Rep of the Year 2024

Hamzeh Qaraman (BA Business Management), 2024 Student Rep of the Year, recognised for his dedication to the role and providing an essential link between students and faculty

Nabeel receiving his Highly Commended certificate for Student of the Year

Nabeel Wani (BSc International Business) Highly Commended in the category of Student of the Year - for his extraordinary contribution as an ambassador for LUBS

Whoa! My pleasure at being chosen a highly commended student of the year is still overwhelming me. Life at LUBS is about more than classes; it's about the relationships we make, the shared experiences, and the obstacles we face as a community. Being a member of this amazing community makes me really proud."

Nabeel Wani
Mitchell Hale receiving his award

Mitchell Hale (BSc Business Economics), 2024 winner in the Student of the Year category for the staggering number of roles and responsibilities he holds across the University, and his endlessly positive contributions

I have the goal of improving the younger mature student experience at the university. I’m extremely proud that this work, notably Middle Ground Network has been recognised by LUBS and I'm excited for more people to hear about our mission! I’m grateful for the school’s recognition and look forward to continuing this work in the future."

Mitchell Hale

The final award of the night was the prestigious "Overall Partnership Award", where the judging panel selected one member of staff and one student to be recognised for their particularly outstanding contribution to the mission of the Business School throughout the last year. The 2024 Staff winner was Senior Digital Technologist Sean Gledhill, who had this to say:

The ceremony represented everything that is brilliant about LUBS. It was great to see students and staff being recognised and rewarded together for the tireless work they've put into enabling an exceptional student experience. As a member of staff who works mostly 'behind the scenes' the awards are energising and serve as a valuable reminder of what a special place LUBS is.

So, with a drum roll and great anticipation, it is time for this article to announce the 2024 Overall Partnership Award winning student... Hamzeh Qaraman!

Hamzeh receiving his certificate from Julia Bennell

Hamzeh Qaraman being crowned Overall Partnership Award winner by the Executive Dean of the Business School, Julia Bennell.

With the awards all presented, it was time for a hungry audience to enjoy a delicious hot fork buffet, for which they had waited patiently throughout the proceedings. Those in attendance began to enjoy a convivial evening meal with all the sense of proper civility and correctness you might expect from an internationally renowned business school.

Then suddenly there was a crash.

All heads turned as the sound of shattered crockery echoed around the dining hall. Most assumed a member of the hard working serving team had slipped whilst clearing away a table. However, something else was afoot...

Two of the waiters cast aside their disguise and commanded the attention of the room through previously concealed microphones. Within minutes the whole room had taken on a raucous and fun atmosphere of freestyle dance and karaoke, as staff and students marched around the Refectory in a giant conga line!

I loved the whole event with the surprise "waiters". I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate with all of us dancing haha. Might I also add that the food and desserts were just as delightful!

Tanvi Jetti, Equality and Inclusion award winner

All was not as it seemed!

TFW you realise someone is going to make you sing in public!

Wave your napkins in the air like you just don't care

Christos, Head of International Business enjoying a carefree dance

Even serious academics need to get their groove on occasionally

conga line!

Conga time!

Congratulations to all of our nominated, Highly Commended and Winning students for the 2024 LUBS Partnership Awards - thanks for all being awesome, and making our community so wonderful.

You can read the full list of winners, staff included, over on the main LUBS website 

The 2024 winners and highly commended nominees all lined up together holding their certificates