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Requirements and Module Details

Placement Requirements

To be eligible for a Year in Industry placement must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum of 9 to 12 months, of full-time paid work with a single employer. This can be either in the UK or overseas.
  • Be paid at least minimum wage (many students find roles paying significantly more)
  • Have graduate-level responsibilities - Meaning you will be managing people or projects
  • Must be eligible to work in and live in the related country

LUBS does not set a minimum grade requirement for the work placement year, but you must have passed all Pass for Progression modules. (Some employers do set a minimum grade requirement).

If you are unsure if a placement meets the criteria  or have any questions about a placement opportunity contact

Year in Industry assessment outline

During your placement year you will be enrolled on a 120-credit module known as LUBS8001: Training in the Workplace.

This module gives you the chance to reflect and write about your work goals, values, and skills development over the course of the placement. Currently the assessment involves three (sets of) formative questionnaires completed by yourself, a trusted peer at your workplace, and a line manager. It also includes a summative portfolio.

The reflective portfolio is graded with a distinction/merit/pass or fail mark and is recorded on your academic transcript. It does not contribute to the overall classification of your degree.

During your time on placement, you will be assigned a Placement Tutor who will be there to support you throughout the year. They will check-in with you regularly and will participate in a virtual placement visit with yourself and your line manager.

Contact us

You can contact the LUBS Work Placements Team by email at Our online open hours are Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm (except for bank holidays and closure days).