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The LUBS Student Guide

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What is the Student Guide?

The Welcome pages you are reading through now are part of a website designed specifically for students at the Business School. This will be an invaluable resource throughout your studies, so it is a good idea to bookmark in your favourite web browser.

The Student Guide contains essential information from Student and Programme Support, Exams and Assessment, Employability and Opportunity, Digital Learning and much more.

The Guide is also the place to check for upcoming events which compliment your learning experience, such as talks and workshops by inspirational business leaders, LUBS alumni and more.

Student Community

As well as being home to support and resources for students, and keeping you up to date with what's going on around LUBS, the Guide is also a hub for our student community.

In the News section you will find updates about all of the exciting things your fellow students are doing, as well as announcements of opportunities which may interest you.

For example, check out the Team & Me competition, new for LUBS 2023!

Get involved!

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The Student Guide is certainly filled with useful information from staff teams across the Business school, but there is another invaluable source of knowledge and skills from which we are keen to fill it's pages - you!

Throughout the year we will regularly publish articles in the Posts section written by your fellow students. These are a chance to inspire and inform your peers by sharing your experiences on any topic relevant to your University journey. Those could range from advice on securing work placements, how you overcame challenges in your University life, student interviews with local business leaders, or anything else you would like to share.

Please don't hesitate to contact Mark, your Student Communications Officer at, at any time if you are interested in sharing your experience or knowledge through an article on the Student Guide.