Championing sustainability @ LUBS

LUBS is strong in sustainability and aims at net zero by 2030. LUBS Sustainability Blueprint offers many student related activities in sustainability. Look out for them throughout the year.​

Carbon Literacy Training

Last year we trained 600 students in Carbon Literacy. The benefits are manifold and students involved have said:

I now feel much more educated about the topic. I was unsure what I could do specifically to help the environment but now I understand how I may make a greater impact


The training provided an impressive insight into how human actions (such as dietary patterns, travelling, and energy usage) can contribute to a sustainable environment


The training has been incredibly eye opening and informative, and has equipped me to go forward and help make more people aware about our current climate crisis and the steps we can all take to help

This year we want ALL new starters to become carbon literate.  The School has developed CAT (Climate Action Training) – a free eLearning course that will help all students increase their literacy on the impact of climate emergency, and what they can do about it.

Make sure you participate in this essential training which runs in November – December.​

Challenges and Competitions


We run many sustainability challenges and competitions throughout the year, including the Think Student award winning Water Bottle Poster Competition so look out for announcements.

Challenges and Competitions

Opportunities to get involved

Students may also apply to become a LUBS Student Sustainability Architect and work with staff on specific sustainability projects and get paid for it. Look out for vacancies from November for posts starting in Jan 2023.​

LUBS will also be launching its own student society at Leeds University Union. Aptly named ‘Climate Action Society’, it is run by students for students. Look out for the launch event during fresher’s week.

How to find out more

Find out more about these activities the ​sustainability newsletter ‘The Sustainer’