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Teams Online Meetings

What is Microsoft Teams?

Teams is a collaboration and communication platform by Microsoft. You will find Teams most useful for working collaboratively on group projects - but your Module Leader may choose to run some online classes, small group teaching or even individual consultations using Teams.

The video above gives you a great insight into how to use the Teams application to join a meeting, and then adjust your controls once in attendance.

Can I practice using Teams before my first class?

We highly recommend installing Microsoft Teams and using it as a communication and collaboration tool.

Download the Quickstart Guide to learn how to get started, and use the Teams Interactive Demo or Teams Video Training page to see for yourself how the interface works.

When you've downloaded the app, schedule a meeting with a classmate to learn how to join a meeting and use the various functions, or make a test call yourself to learn how to enable your video and audio.

What features do Teams meetings have?

  • Pop-out meeting view, allowing you to engage with the Teams app while in a meeting
  • Different view options - Gallery View to see everybody and Together Mode which puts participants in a virtual lecture theatre
  • View files being shared by the presenter
  • Text chat with the whole class
  • Share microphone and webcam
  • Blur background and share your own virtual background
  • 'Raise hand' to ask for help
  • Share files with the whole class (when permitted)
  • Work in groups using 'Breakout Rooms'
  • View a list of all attendees
  • Keep collaborative Meeting Notes

Is there an app?

Yes, to join a Teams meeting you will need to have the Teams app installed on your device. Visit Microsoft's page to download the desktop and mobile applications.

How will I join my online class?

The most likely route to join an online class or meeting will be by selecting the Calendar icon in the Teams application where you will find the meeting invitation and a "Join" button to participate. Your Module Leader might also share other ways of joining the class in the module area in Minerva.

Useful Links

We recommend right-clicking or long-pressing on the links below and opening them in a new tab to learn more about Microsoft Teams.

Student Quickstart Guide

Download the Teams Student Quickstart Guide to gain an overview of using the Teams application.

Interactive Demo

Visit the Teams interactive demo to see for yourself how to navigate through the Teams interface to use it for collaboration and communication.

Download the apps

Visit the Microsoft downloads page to download the Teams app for your devices. The desktop application contains the full functionality of Teams, while the mobile apps are fantastic for communicating with class mates and lecturers on the move.

Find a smart virtual background!

Visit a gallery of virtual backgrounds that you can download - put yourself in the heart of campus in Leeds, on the stage of the Leeds Grand Theatre or in the set of a BBC show.

Make a test call and amend settings

Learn how to make a test call in Teams and amend the call settings

Teams video training

Sixteen videos produced by Microsoft that will help you get to grips with using Teams


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Last updated October 2020.