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Top Hat

What is Top Hat?

Top Hat is an application used at the University of Leeds that allows teaching staff to run online polls and quizzes to enhance your learning. You may be asked to participate in these activities either in class or online via your laptop or mobile device. Top Hat is also used for formal MCQ exams, more information about this can be found below.

How do I set up my Top Hat account?

  1. Go to
  1. Enter your join code if you have been given one, or if your tutor has not provided a join code then select Search by school.
  1. Type "Leeds" into the School field and select University of Leeds, then enter your University of Leeds details
  1. Type in your first and last name
  1. Click to confirm “I agree with the Terms and Conditions.”

Is there an app?

Yes, search for Top Hat in the Google Play store or Apple App Store to download the app to your tablet or smart phone for in-class quizzes and polls.

What if I need help?

Check the Top Hat support pages for general queries or email the LUBS assessment team if it is about a specific online MCQ exam.


Top Hat for Formal MCQ exams

Browser/device requirements for Top Hat Tests

If your module leader chooses to assess you via multiple choice questions, they may use a Top Hat Test. When taking a formal MCQ exam, you should access the test through Minerva in an internet browser - Top Hat recommends using Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (supporting last 3 major versions of each browser) on a PC or Laptop.  We do not recommend using the Top Hat app for a Top Hat Test as it will lock your device.

You must ensure that you have a stable internet connection before beginning the test as any interruptions will count against your time limit. If you lose connection, take a screenshot for evidence and return to Minerva to reopen the link to the Top Hat Test.

Access the exam

Read through the sections below to see how to access the MCQ exam.

Go via Minerva

Navigate to the module area in Minerva and open the My Online exam menu link from the main navigation. This section will display important information about how to access help and support during the assessment period, along with a link to access your assessment in Top Hat.  Select the assessment title in Minerva before selecting the Launch button on the next page, this will open Top Hat.

Open the Test

In the left hand menu of the Top Hat course, select the name of the Test to open it, eg "LUBS1234 Business exam".

Once you select Start Test the questions will appear.

If it is a time-limited exam the timer will begin. You can see how much time you have remaining in the top right of the screen by selecting Show.

Answer the questions

Select one answer from the alphabetical list beneath each questions and then select Save after you have chosen your answer – it will not autosave.

You can change your answer and select Resave if necessary.

Submit your answers

When you have answered all the questions, select the Hand In button to submit the assignment. You will not be able to change any answers once you have done this. Any questions left unsaved when the time limit is up will not be counted towards your score.

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Last updated October 2020.